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EPD SBAND Mission Software Requirements

Source: S. Jaskulek, various dates

Note: This material is based on 2 versions of the SBAND document--Revision H, Software Version 2, and a set of pages to update the document from H to I and referencing Software Version 3.


List of Revisions - Revision H

F                            7/31/95 Corrections made following CDS integration tests.
The RTI9 address in the RECORD mode telemetry definition block was wrong;
it was changed to 1A8F. The HV level command code at address 1B20 was
modified to fix a bug and agree with requirements. A fourth and fifth transitional
command, 25JKRP (C0) and 25RESC (01) were added to the RT mode list.
A correction was made to the science record status byte description (section
11.2.6); the motor direction and position are sampled at the end of the science
record, not the beginning.  Science record resynchronization requirements (when
scanning is interrupted) are more explicitly described in section 13.

List of Revisions - Revision I

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