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Table 16. Galileo EPD Subcommutated Housekeeping Functions

PositionRetain Function
1x Motor Housing Temperature
2x Motor Telemetry Byte #1
3x Motor Telemetry Byte #2
4x Motor Telemetry Byte #3
5x Autocalibrator Index #1
6x Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #1
7x Motor Telemetry Byte #4
8x Motor Telemetry Byte #5
9x LEMMS Telescope Temperature
10x Number of Invalid Bus Commands (Modulo 256)
11  Autocalibrator Index #2
12  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #2
13  Memory Dump Cursor (8 MSB)
14  Motor Dwell Period
15  CMS Telescope Temperature
16  Supervisory Data Parity Error Count
17  Autocalibrator Index #3
18  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #3
19x HV Command Level (and MSB of UM Checksum Limit)
20x Subcom Control (and LSB of UM Checksum Limit)
21x Main Electronics Temperature
22  Memory Checksum
23  Autocalibrator Index #4
24  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #4
25x HV Command Limit (and MSB of LM Checksum Limit)
26  Spare ["F0" Cmd] (and LSB of LM Checksum Limit)
27x EPD Input Current
28  EPD Data Parity Error Count
29  Autocalibrator Index #5
30  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #5
31  Spare
32  Spare
33x +60 Volts Bias
34x Power Switch Status Byte #1 (LEMMS pwr sw)
35  Autocalibrator Index #6
36  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #6
37  Spare
38  Spare
39  Log Amp Temperature
40x Power Switch status byte #2 (Gen. pwr sw)
41  Autocalibrator Index #7
42  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #7
43  Spare
44  Spare
45x -15 Volts Power
46x Power Switch Status Byte #3 (Misc. Enables)
47  Autocalibrator Index #8
48  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #8
49x Upper Alarm Threshold for EPD Input Current
50x Lower Alarm Threshold for EPD Input Current
51x +10 Volts Power
52x Power Switch Status Byte #4 (CMS pwr switches)
53  Autocalibrator Index #9
54  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #9
55x Upper Alarm Threshold for Motor Temperature
56x Lower Alarm Threshold for Motor Temperature
57x +6 Volts Power
58  PHA Control Byte (uncorrected)
59  Autocalibrator Index #10
60  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #10
61x LEMMS Telescope Temp. Upper Alarm Threshold
62x LEMMS Telescope Temp. Lower Alarm Threshold
63x +3 Volts Power
64x Number of EPD commands executed (via S/W patch)
65  Autocalibrator Index #11
66  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #11
67  CMS Telescope Temp. Upper Alarm Threshold
68  CMS Telescope Temp. Lower Alarm Threshold
69x HV Monitor
70  Spare
71  Autocalibrator Index #12
72  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #12
73x Main Electronics Temp. Upper Alarm Threshold
74x Main Electronics Temp. Lower Alarm Threshold
75x -6 Volts Power
76  Spare
77  Autocalibrator Index #13
78  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #13
79x +10 Volts Power Upper Alarm Threshold
80x +10 Volts Power Lower Alarm Threshold
81x +10 Volts Power
82  Spare
83  Autocalibrator Index #14
84  Autocalibrator AGC Voltage #14
85  PHA Control Byte
86  Spare
87x 5.12V Ref. Monitor
88x Spare (previously HV Command Limit)
89x Spare (previously HV Command Level)
90  Spare
91  Spare

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