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Appendix B. SEDR Files (continued)

Appendix: Glossary

DDSDust Detector Subsystem
DMSData Management System
DMTData Management Team
ECL50Earth Mean Ecliptic of 1950.0 Coordinate System
EDRExperiment Data Record
EME50Earth Mean Equator of 1950.0 Coordinate System
EPDEnergetic Particles Detector
F&PFields and Particles
GEODYNGSOC S/W which calculates SEDR parameters
GSOCGerman Space Operations Center
HICHeavy Ion Counter
ICInterplanetary Cruise
IRGInter Record Gap (on magnetic tape)
JOJupiter Orbital Operations
LRSPLow Rate Science Processor
MOD8Spacecraft Clock Modulo 8 Counter
MOD10Spacecraft Clock Modulo 10 Counter
MOD91Spacecraft Clock Modulo 91 Counter
MSBMost Significant Bit
N/ANot Applicable
PIPrincipal Investigator
PLSPlasma Subsystem
PWSPlasma Wave Subsystem
QEDRQuick-look EDR
RARight Ascension
RIMSpacecraft Clock Real Time Image Counter
SCETSpacecraft Event Time
SCLKSpacecraft Clock
SEDRSupplementary Experiment Data Record
SEDRGENJPL S/W which formats output SEDR records
SFDUStandard Formatted Data Unit
SISSoftware Interface Specification
TBDTo be determined
TBSTo be supplied
TWISTJPL Navigation S/W which calculates SEDR parameters

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