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Appendix B. SEDR Files

Source: J. F. Schmidling, JPL 625-610, SIS 224-09, Phase 2 Rev., 6/21/85

Document Change Log

Change LetterDate Affected Portions
(Phase One)
4/15/85All (except final J0 data block definition, J0 data block figures, Appendix B and Appendix C

List of TBD Items

PageResolution Date Item
4-310/1/85JO Data Block Figure Numbers
4-910/1/85Navigation Data Identification
4-124/1/85Io Parameter in IC Data Block
4-2310/1/85JO Data Block Figures
B-110/1/85EME50/ECL50 Transformation Algorithm
C-110/1/85SEDR Coordinate System Definitions

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