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Investigation of the Magnetosphere of Ganymede with Galileo's Energetic Particle Detector
Ph.D. dissertation by Shawn M. Stone, University of Kansas, 1999.

Appendix C. Additional G2 Results

In the files below, the following key is used:

N - normal trace without corotation, scattering, or electric field;
C - corotation; e.g., C25C00 means with 25% corotation and 0% corotation;
S - scattering; e.g., 005 means 5 x 10-3 scattering coefficient, 001 means 1 x 10-3 scattering coefficient;
E - electric field; P means parallel electric field, 00 means no parallel electric field, 75 means a parallel electric field of 75 millivolts.

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